Int’l Adventures


Four Volcanoes, Five Days, and Endless Tacos: Climbing Mexico’s Highest Peaks

A walk through the most high-intensity, high-altitude, and challenging climbing itinerary I have ever been a part of, featuring four volcano climbs in five days.

Overview: Nevado de Toluca (15,354′), Maliche (14,636′), Iztaccihuatl (17,159′), and Pico de Orizaba (18,491′)


Finding Patience and Pride at 22,841 feet on the Summit of Aconcagua

A personal look into our climb of the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, the Seventh Summit in South America, Aconcagua.

Overview: 12-20 days, 31 miles, and 13,000 feet elevation gain


Trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc

Wine connoisseurs, cheese aficionados, and outdoor enthusiasts can unite over this breathtakingly beautiful hike high in the heart of the Alps. Completing a total circumnavigation of Western Europe’s tallest peak, Mont Blanc, this adventure will challenge you, awe you, and inspire you along one of the world’s most famous trails.

Overview: 8-16 days, 100 miles, and 30,000 feet elevation gain


Scraping the Sky in the Indian Himalayas: Stok Kangri Summit (20,182 ft.)

One of my most major mountaineering feats with my super-powered friend Nina. A truly challenging climb in Northern India which provided a different perspective of Himalayan climbing.

Overview: 4-7 days, 22 miles, and 8337 feet elevation gain


Solitude at the Summit of Europe’s Highest Peak: Mt. Elbrus (18,510 ft.)

A killer-inspiring climb up one of the Seven Summits. Russia’s highpoint provided unparalleled views of one of the highest, and least visited, mountain ranges in Europe: The Caucasus.

Overview: 4.5 miles, 5700 feet elevation gain


Climbing to 20,305 ft. on Imja Tse (Island Peak): An Adventure Into Himalayan Mountaineering

My first exploration into true Himalayan Mountaineering near Chukkung, Nepal. Climbing Island Peak involves a few dodgy ladder crossings, requires endurance and stamina at sky-rocketing altitudes, and poses one huge challenge with a final 300 ft. ice wall leading to its summit.

Overview: 5600 feet elevation gain


10 Extreme Experiences in the Chamonix Valley You Can’t Miss

Chamonix is the world’s capital of extreme sports. It is the birthplace of mountaineering. And it is full of crazy, adventuresome people who are drawn to its vibrant and eclectic culture from around the globe. If you’re planning a trip to the Alps, don’t miss these 10 things to do in the Chamonix Valley.


Summitting Mt. Kilimanjaro via the Rongai Route

Reach the Roof of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341’), on this high-altitude Tanzanian adventure, on the easiest non-technical climb of the world’s Seven Summits. Expect to spend 6-7 days hiking on the Rongai route.

Overview: 6-7 days, 45 miles, and 13,000 feet elevation gain


Exploring Terelj National Park in Mongolia

A truly authentic Mongolian nomadic experience – visit Terelj for horseback riding, hiking, archery, and more.