Selected Stateside Trips

Rim to Rim to Rim: Running Across the Grand Canyon

My first ever ultra-run, completed with my inspiring and kickass friend Nina. Check out the ideas, doubts, and sweat I endured during this 15-hour day.

Overview: 46 miles, 11k elevation gain


Reverse Summit of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park (7,214 ft.)

Catch the sunrise at Glacier Point, one of Yosemite’s premier lookout spots, and embark on a grueling reverse-summit adventure.

Overview: 17 miles, 5k elevation gain


Hike to Utah’s Highpoint: King’s Peak (13,527 ft.)

Summit the tallest peak in Utah at 13,527 ft. on a 2-3 day backpacking trip – or do as we did, and knock it out in a day.

Overview: 28.8 miles, 4.1k elevation gain

Boundary Peak via Queen Mine; Highpoint of Nevada (13,140 ft.)

One long road trip and one gnarled road to the trailhead lead Nina and I to the base of Nevada’s tallest mountain; Boundary Peak. Read about our hike up and tips for future climbers.

Overview: 10.4 miles, 4k elevation gain

White Mountain Peak via Barcroft Station: California’s Third-Highest Peak (14,252 ft.)

California’s third-tallest mountain stands above every other highpoint in Mono County, the White Mountains, and is just 250′ shorter than Mt. Whitney. This undemanding hike takes hikers up a gravel 4WD road straight to the summit.

Overview: 15 miles, 2.5k – 3.5k elevation gain


Hike to Steelhead Lake (10,350’) Through McGee Creek Canyon

Explore one of the most beautiful high-altitude lakes in the John Muir Wilderness, Steelhead Lake (10,350’), while trekking through an awe-inspiring High Sierra canyon.

Overview: 11.5 miles, 2,510 ft. elevation gain


Hike Sunday Peak (8,295′)

Bag the tallest peak of the Greenhorn Mountains at 8,295 ft. and enjoy dizzying mountain views, tucked away in the Sequoia National Forest.

Overview: 3.4 miles, 1100 feet elevation gain

Mt. Diablo Base to Summit Hike (3,848 ft.)

Summit the Bay Area’s tallest mountain for a fun, challenging day hike. Mt. Diablo has the second largest visual prominence in the world, behind Mt. Kilimanjaro, making it just as impressive as it is isolated from any other peak.

Overview: 13.2 miles, 3.2k elevation gain

Mt. Whitney Summit Hike: Highpoint of the Lower 48 States (14,505 ft.)

Photos from my first 2012 climb of Mt. Whitney with Dad.

Overview: 22 miles, 6.2k elevation gain


Mt. Shasta Summit Climb (14,179 ft.)

Photos from my first summit of Mt. Shasta with Dad and our friend, Brian.

Overview: 11 miles, 7.3k elevation gain