PNW Peaks


South Sister Summit Hike (10,358 ft.)

Hike up Oregon’s third-tallest mountain for incredible views and a great introduction to high-altitude hiking.

Overview: 11.8 miles, 4900 feet elevation gain


Middle Sister Summit Climb via Renfrew Glacier (10,047 ft.)

Climb the fifth highest peak in Oregon, Middle Sister at 10,047 ft. Only for the strong-minded (and strong-legged).

Overview: 20 miles, 6000 feet elevation gain


Mt. Hood Summit Climb (11,239 ft.)

A truly awe-inspiring mountaineering experience on our state’s highpoint, Dad and I climbed to the 11,239 foot summit of Mt. Hood on Father’s Day weekend of 2014.

Overview: 8 miles, 5400 feet elevation gain


Trail Running the Three Fingered Jack Loop (6,510 ft. highpoint)

Challenging grades, sparkling alpine lakes, and jaw-dropping views that take you around the entire Three Fingered Jack mountain massif in Central Oregon. Over half of this trail was obliterated by a wildfire 13 years ago, but the burn area just means more opportunity for mountain views.

Overview: 1-3 days, 22.8 miles, 4500 feet elevation gain


Mt. Shuksan Summit Climb via Sulphide Glacier (9,131 ft.)

Climb the Crown Jewel of the North Cascades up to 9,131 ft. for stunning mountain views, challenging rock and ice climbing, and vertigo-inducing heights.

Overview: 2-3 days, 16 miles, 6600 feet elevation gain


Mt. Baker Summit Climb via Easton Glacier (10,781 ft.)

Summit the third-highest mountain Washington at 10,781 ft., the most heavily glaciated peak of the Cascade Range volcanoes after Mt. Rainier.

Overview: 2-3 days, 16 miles, 7600 feet elevation gain


Mt. Rainier Summit Climb via Disappointment Cleaver (14,409 ft.)

Climb the tallest mountain in Washington for a truly challenging high-altitude mountaineering experience. This post describes reaching the summit of Mt. Rainier at 14,409 feet via the Disappointment Cleaver.

Overview: 2-3 days, 13 miles, 9000 feet elevation gain


Hike East Peak in the Wallowa Mountains (9,380 ft.)

Easy 2-mile hike at high altitude (9,380 ft). Great for first time visitors to the Wallowas or seasoned peakbaggers!

Overview: 2 miles, 1230 feet elevation gain


Hike Broken Top Crater for the Best Sunset View of the Three Sisters (8,200 ft.)

Hike to one of Central Oregon’s most beautiful glaciated lakes and up a viewpoint of the entire Three Sisters Wilderness area at 8,200 feet, for a stunning sunset and camping spot.

Overview: 8.4 miles, 1300 feet elevation gain


Mt. Adams Summit Climb (12,276 ft.)

Photos from our first ever glaciated climb up the second tallest mountain in Washington. Mt. Adam’s summit of 12,280 feet was the highest we’d hiked up to this date in 2011.

Overview: 11.5 miles, 6676 feet elevation gain


Mt. St. Helens Summit Climb (8,366 ft.)

Photos from an incredible summit of one of the most prominent volcanoes from the Portland area. Views into the crater that was created during the 1980 eruption that reduced Mt. St. Helens’ size from 9,677 ft. to 8,366 ft.

Overview: 10 miles, 5500 feet elevation gain